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Legendesk Khayaal works tirelessly toward building a brighter future for everyone, changing one life at a time.

24th June Surgery

In a time of escalating inflation and economic challenges, many find themselves grappling with severe financial constraints that hinder them from covering basic necessities such as food and medical expenses. Among these individuals is Shabana, whose story epitomizes the struggles faced by countless families.

25th July Surgery

Fozia Aman's life hasn't been an easy one. As the family's sole breadwinner, she works hard to make a living. Taking care of a paralyzed spouse adds another layer of responsibility,

7th Sept Surgery

Aftab’s life took an unexpected turn when, one day, he experienced excruciating pain in his upper right abdomen. Upon seeking medical assistance, Aftab was diagnosed with gallbladder stones, which were causing him severe pain.

18th Oct Surgery

Good health is a precious gift, yet life can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges. This is the story of Mairaj Alam, a resident of Karachi who works as a mechanic with a modest income, supporting a family of five. Mairaj faced a challenge when his younger son, Ali, was diagnosed with a severe case of tonsillitis.

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